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  1. How can I see my Credit Report?
  2. Learn more about your Credit Score / Rating
  3. Ask a Question Instructions
  4. Learn more about notice of correction / add a note?
  5. How long will information stay on my Credit File?
  6. Learn more about CIFAS and Fraud Protection.
  7. Why is information previously recorded as Littlewoods now appearing as Shop Direct?
  8. Why is my BT account information no longer appearing?
  9. What is Associate Information?
  10. Updated - Learn more about the electoral roll.
  11. What is a Linked Address?
  12. How do I update my profile in my Equifax membership
  13. Learn more about Court Judgments (CCJ) / Decrees?
  14. What is contained in my Personal Information?
  15. How does a lender make a credit decision or decline credit?
  16. Forgotten Username or Password?
  17. Will I be penalised for shopping around for the best rate?
  18. Learn more about Credit Agreements.
  19. Learn more about Bankruptcies and Voluntary Arrangements
  20. Learn more about search information?
  21. Why is an old Virgin Media/Telewest/NTL account now appearing on my file?
  22. How do I take myself off Marketing Lists
  23. What is attributable data?
  24. What is Property Valuation / Land Registry Information?
  25. What is alias information?
  26. What is an Administration Order?
  27. What is GAIN Information?
  28. Why is information, previously recorded on my Equifax report as Shop Direct Financial Services Limited now appearing in the name of Shop Direct Finance Company Limited ?
  29. Equifax Complaints Procedure
  30. Why have I received an alert for RBS/Tesco?
  31. How do I cancel, amend or upgrade my Equifax subscription?
  32. Why has CML data been removed from my Credit Report?
  33. Why have I received an alert for CML data?
  34. I am currently experiencing financial difficulty and need to obtain a copy of my Credit Report.
  35. I am currently working with my Money Advice Centre to resolve financial issues.
  36. I am receiving advice from a not-for-profit debt advice agency and need a free copy of my Credit Report.
  37. I am in financial distress and receiving advice from a not-for-profit debt advice agency and need a free copy of Credit Report.
  38. Can I remove credit limit information from one of my past credit agreements that's now closed?
  39. Personal Solutions Customer Service - Opening Hours Extended.
  40. Learn more about Credit Watch and ID Theft Protection
  41. I work for a not-for-profit debt advice agency and require a pre-paid form for free access to Equifax Credit Reports.
  42. I'm a sole trader, partnership or unincorporated body and have recently been refused credit based on an Equifax report.
  43. How can I reset my password?
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