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Think your business is safe from a data breach? Think again.

"More than ever before, your employees and customers are at great risk for identity theft and fraud. Over 165 million data records of U.S. residents have been exposed due to data breaches since January 2005 - Privacy Rights Clearinghouse"

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Data Breaches are on the rise. Be prepared.

You'll feel safer with Equifax. We're the leading provider of data breach services, serving more than 500 organizations with security breach events everyday. In addition to extensive experience, Equifax has the most comprehensive set of identity theft products and customer service coverage in the market.

Equifax Personal Solutions Capabilities

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Notification Capabilities

  • Consumer File Updating
  • Letter Templates
  • Print & Mail Letters

Critical Success Factors
  • Control message to key stakeholders, impacted consumers, employees, media and shareholders
  • Timely response with value-added protection 3-in-1 Credit Monitoring has become benchmark
  • Assure audiences the institution takes the event seriously and intends to earn trust back

  • Consumer File Updating - Refresh partner's mail file with updated address information to boost deliverability rates
  • Letter Templates - Provide partners with notification letter forms to speed time to mailing
  • Print & Mail Letters - Mail shop services to print, insert and mail notification letters

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Communication Capabilities

  • Event-Specific Hotline

Critical Success Factors
  • Reinforcement of message to key impacted stakeholders, impacted consumers & employees
  • Burst capacity to enable stakeholders to speak with a "live" voice
  • Assure audiences the institution takes the event seriously and intends to earn trust back

  • Event-specific Hotline - Outsourced live agent call center to inform impacted consumers of the:
    • Details of the event, as scripted by partner
    • Actions available to impacted consumers
    • FAQs

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Fulfillment & Customer Care Capabilities

  • Fraud Alert Placement
  • Customer Care
  • Credit Monitoring Product Fulfillment
  • Fraud Resolution Assistance
  • Credit File Freeze

Critical Success Factors
  • Provisioning of comprehensive credit file monitoring & fraud alert placement for "peace of mind"
  • Accessible, knowledgeable customer care agents to support consumers during and after enrollment
  • Availability of Identity theft fraud restoration to minimize damages

  • Fraud Alert Placement - Online or Telephone access to placing Fraud Alerts at all three credit reporting agencies
  • Credit Monitoring Product Enrollment - Ability to enroll via the Internet (online delivery) or Telephone (offline delivery)
  • Credit File Freeze - Ability to control access to your file via Locking & Unlocking functionality
  • Customer Care - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year assistance with enrollment and product questions
  • Fraud Resolution Assistance - Assistance in the event that a consumer's identity is compromised to help consumer restore their identity

Experienced help is here.

Equifax can help you prepare with our Equifax Data Breach Response Team — a dedicated group of professionals that will implement a "data breach response plan" before a breach ever occurs.

Here's how our Response Team provides peace of mind.

We consult with you to create a customized Data Breach Response Plan that will enable you to:

  • Quickly inform consumers, employees, and shareholders with pre-defined communications regarding the event and the steps you are taking on their behalf ;
  • Offer the appropriate level of identity theft protection products based on the risk profile of the data breach (ask about our Data Breach Risk Assessment Matrix);
  • Provide a dedicated Call Center to assist breached victims with product related questions after enrollment.
  • Place Fraud Alerts on consumers' credit files at all three credit reporting agencies as requested.

Consider what a breach can do.

Knowing that a data breach is a very real possibility, your company needs to be prepared for it.

After all, a breach can have many serious implications:

  • Erosion of employee customer trust
  • Decline in shareholder value
  • Undesirable publicity
  • Legal & regulatory liabilities
  • Out of budget expenses

Hear what our valued cutomers are saying about our services.

Thank you both very much for the time and effort you provided to assist us in managing our incident. I was very impressed with your customer focus, ability to change when necessary, and the quality of your services. Thanks again for all your service and support.

A major packaging solutions provider

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Incident Experience by Industry

  • Banking & Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • High Tech & Consulting Services
  • Government
  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Energy/Utilities
  • Transportation

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