Social Service Employment and Income Verification

Income and employment verifications for Social Service Agencies to determine program eligibility

Product Overview

Leveraging The Work Number database, Equifax offers income and employment verifications specifically designed to meet the detail levels required by government agencies and not-for-profits that administer public assistance and self-sufficiency programs, such as Child Support, SNAP, Medicaid, Social Security and TANF. Current pay period employment and income detail is available instantly - or in short order by streamlined fulfillment with the employer.

As the market leader in fulfilling outsourced employment and income verifications, Equifax Verification Services provides efficiency in a single data source that is not available elsewhere. Information from The Work Number allows case workers and other federal, state and local agency workers to validate applicant-provided information to:

  • Determine program eligibility
  • Track program success
  • Support quality control
  • Investigate potential fraud
  • Ensure benefits are provided to those who qualify
  • Improve program integrity
  • Access upfront fraud prevention tools

With Equifax, all of your income determination requests can be fulfilled in one place, rapidly and with ease.

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