ACA Solution Suite

Integrated solution: eligibility tracking, modeling, notifications, reporting and verifications

Are you prepared for ACA?

Take the guesswork out of managing ACA with Equifax's integrated ACA Solution Suite. Through advanced elibility tracking, employee notifications, cost and risk modeling, automated reporting and verifications support, the uniquely comprehensive solution will cost-effectively reduce your compliance risks through strategic insights and automation.

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ACA Management Platform

The foundation of ACA compliance is accurately tracking each employee's hours and eligibility status based on his or her individual measurement period. One slight error can translate into substantial penalties. To avoid such penalties our ACA Management Platform can allow you to continuously manage the ACA lifecycle on an ongoing basis, offering insights and flexibility to allow for needed changes in management approach.

We combine legislative expertise with advanced technology to bring you:

  • Tracking and managing eligibility
  • Automating and distributing reports
  • Modeling costs and risks
  • Avoiding fines and penalties

ACA Notifications

In accordance with the ACA, employers will be legally mandated to inform all current and new employees of their healthcare options moving forward. If an employer does not proactively distribute the required ACA notifications to their workforce, they may be overwhelmed with individual requests from employees and susceptible to compliance audits by the Department of Labor (DOL). The Compliance Center platform will deliver these notifications through automation, managing the requirements while developing a complete audit trail.

  • Reduce risk - Leverage our technology platform to distribute timely notifications for new hires and existing employee eligibility changes, ensuring they receive the proper information.
  • Improve efficiency - Reduce workload with advanced administration tools and automated delivery of notifications.
  • Complete audit support - Retention of all notifications and acknowledgements provided through flexible reporting tools.

ACA Employment Verifications

How can you help your employees navigate their ACA coverage options? As more and more of your employees explore their coverage options on the Healthcare Insurance Marketplace, they will find their benefit-determination relies heavily on the verification of income process. Streamline the transfer of information between the employer and government agency verifiers, to benefit the employee.

  • Employee benefit - Streamlines the application process and reduces unwanted stress and need for follow up.
  • Peace of mind - Income and employment will be verified instantly and securely at the point of application.
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