Fraud / Risk Mitigation

Available via eMortgage:

Undisclosed Debt Monitoring
Promptly communicate with borrowers regarding specific activities during the underwriting process with Undisclosed Debt Monitoring™, a proprietary platform that monitors the “quiet period” between the time of the original credit report and the closing of the loan.  It includes daily alerts of activity that may represent potential risk. Learn more.

Undisclosed Debt Compare Report
Undisclosed Debt Compare Report™ allows you to instantly compare the original tri-merge credit report with a more recent report (including an easy-to-read comparative summary) to detect new undisclosed liabilities, credit inquiries, derogatory changes, and balance/payment changes. 

Undisclosed Debt Pre-Close Report
Identify new inquiries and potential credit liabilities at any time during the mortgage origination process with Undisclosed Debt Pre-Close Report™, a clear, concise consumer tri-merge credit report.

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