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Leadership That Walks the Walk

Our clients are constantly searching for new ways to improve their marketing efforts. They look to Equifax DBS to provide the impetus and thought leadership to help them get there—and we gladly accept the challenge.

We're seasoned marketing database experts who not only understand the inner workings of database platforms but instinctively know how to guide and collaborate with clients to develop new strategies that will yield the results they're looking for.

We've earned our stripes through real-life work experiences and we've been tested by real-world business situations. We've also had the good fortune to share what we've learned with our industry through the speaking engagements we've attended and the white papers we've published. Our goal is to address the expanding challenges facing database marketers today. We invite you to explore our thinking on the latest database marketing demands, trends and approaches. You'll discover the key questions we ask and the core issues we address in order to take our clients' marketing efforts to an entirely new level.

Featured White Paper - Optimize Database Marketing Results With 360° Customer Segmentation
Industry experts are advising marketers to develop special marketing practices to deal with the realities of today’s economic environment. Some of the best advice includes making customer insight core to the organization, focusing on retaining best customers, using analytics to optimize channel selection and partnering with market research. This white paper explains why following these recommendations, database marketers can achieve a more complete, holistic “360° view of the customer” which ultimately results in improved database marketing results.

Transforming to Customer-Centric Marketing
It's widely accepted in marketing circles that the more customer-centric, which means relevant and timely, the marketing message is, the more successfully that message will be in getting through to the customer. Yet while some companies have adopted a more customer-centric approach, most marketers have clung to their product- and campaign-centric ways.

The Customer-Centric World Means "The End" for Traditional Advertising and Marketing
Which CMOs will survive the revolution? Color in today's Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) as battered, bruised, and confused. Dramatic changes in the marketing environment—that no one predicted—have them flirting with irrelevance and possible extinction.

Customer Data: Panning for Gold
Equifax Database Services sponsored the 1to1 Media's Spring installment, "1to1 In Action White Paper Series" -- Panning for Gold. The white paper focuses on some of the solutions available today that aim to help organizations successfully sift through their customer data to find the nuggets of gold that will help to increase customer value and boost bottom-line results.

A New Spin on Outsourcing Database Marketing Operations
Outsourcing primarily has been an avenue to reduce operating expenses, a vehicle to sustain more-predictable costs, and a stopgap to maintain focus on "more pressing" business issues. Today, a more enlightened view of outsourcing has emerged.

Attacking the One-Time Buyer Problem
Most multi-channel retailers have fundamental flaws in their marketing plans that cause them to throw their marketing dollars away: they invest heavily in one-time buyers even though the majority of these customers will never buy from them again.

Database Marketing System: Buy or Lease?
Understand the pros and cons before you choose. If you know your company needs an updated database marketing system, one of your first considerations is to choose between buying the software components and building your system internally or selecting an outsourced and hosted database marketing service.

Channel Preferences: To Change or Not To Change?
Much has been written about converting offline buyers to online purchase and single-channel buyers to multi-channel purchase. The driving forces behind this push have been assumptions pertaining to lower operating costs, meaning no phone calls or store visits, and the conventional wisdom that multi-channel buyers are worth more than single-channel customers. But there are more factors to consider.

Retailers Get CRM Report Card
Most retailers know for a fact that the buying patterns of their customers are changing quickly. Online retail sales, excluding travel purchases, are set to grow to $204 billion in 2008 from $174.5 billion in 2007, fueled by sales of apparel, computers and autos. There are implications for CRM.

The Data Integration Imperative
In our deep dive into multi-channel marketing, we observe that companies are using multiple channels to communicate with customers and prospects. And, in turn, customers are buying through multiple channels. Unfortunately, there's a lack of integrated, cross-channel marketing in support of this new behavior. Most companies are still too "silo'd" in their marketing mix.

Extreme Makeover: Marketing Database Edition
It's a fact that there are more shoppers online. Is your marketing database ready to receive them? While the economy softens and retailers recoup from sluggish holiday sales, one thing will stay constant: online shopping is here to stay. So even if spending slows, multi-channel marketers must continue to gather, store and report customer information in order to be ready for the rebound. Are you prepared for a significant makeover of your marketing database?

Jump Start CRM and Create Fast Results
CRM can mean many different things. It can refer to the implementation of software that enables service representatives to resolve a customer issue more rapidly. It can also refer to software that helps the representative quickly access a customer's past service history in order to provide a complete and current view of the customer's business relationship. Equifax DBS has its own perspective.

Measure Your Way to CRM Success
According to the Gartner Group, the CRM software market is projected to surpass $8.9 billion in 2008 and reach $13.3 billion by 2012. However, if you follow the CRM movement like we do, you'll realize there's an issue that persists: companies still struggle to achieve their CRM objectives. To these businesses, "CRM success" is an oxymoron.

Retail Marketing in a Multi-Channel World
Multichannel Marketing. Everyone talks about it. But what are businesses really doing about it? And what does it mean for retailers long term? Three or four more customer marketing channels to work with? Or is something more significant about to happen?

Sometimes, Letting Go Can Really Pay Off
In our issue of Mastering Multi-Channel Marketing, we took a look at the overall status of CRM in the retail sector as documented in the National Retail Federation's 2004 CRM Retail Annual Survey. The gist of this survey of over 100 retailers is that nearly 70% of them feel that their CRM initiatives are NOT measuring up to their own expectations.

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