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Here are additional questions submitted by attendees of the Optimize Database Marketing Results with 360° Customer Segmentation Webinar. We hope you find them helpful!


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Question: How do you deal with smaller universes of people, where modeling is overshadowed by the noise?

Paul Weiss: It depends on how small the universe is, but generally this is not a problem since we are not sampling but interested in one on one responses.

Question: How do you take into account customers that may not currently be profitable but have the qualities/characteristics, etc. of your profitable customers?

Paul Weiss: I would create a separate segment for these customers and deploy a unique strategy for retaining them while managing them to profitability with a structured program.

Question: How will you extend sampled attitudes to a census of your customer base to use in a targeting model?

Paul Weiss: We would use a statistical attribution technique to map customers into the right segments based on other data that is available.

Question: In regards to "Primary Research" as a component to the 360 segmentation, do you have any opinions toward the Net Promoter Survey? Does this survey apply?

Paul Weiss: The advocacy aspect & scale is appropriate to use but must be personally identifiable.

Question: What are good proxies for share of wallet in industries where a customer must give 100% share of wallet to business (e.g., education).

Paul Weiss: Share of wallet is not an appropriate measure when 100% is the only choice. However, I would ask about changes in absolute spending over time.

Question: How do you adjust for "responder bias?" In other words, the assumption that RESPONDERS to the survey either love us or hate us and thus are compelled to respond to a survey and may not accurately represent our customer base.

Paul Weiss: We are not sampling so the current response is the one to use.

Question: In this 360 degree survey process, do you recommend surveying your entire file (or at least the entire file that has an e-mail)?

Paul Weiss: I recommend surveying the entire file if possible. Most of the costs are in the development work so the price per survey decreases at an aggressive rate as quantity increases.

Question: Which online survey tool do you recommend?

Paul Weiss: There are several good tools & service providers in the market. Pick one that is reasonably priced, easy to deploy, has strong reporting, is flexible and allows you to view results on the fly.

Question: If you're recommending online surveys, how do you deal with the fact that you'll only have a percentage of your file with an e-mail address? Won't they already be biased to the brand as they've provided an e-mail address?

Paul Weiss: Part of the pre-project data audit is to determine the number of contactable e-mail addresses. These need to be verified and new addressed can be acquired through the e-mail append process. Bias is not an issue since we are not seeking sampling data.

Question: How do you include significant variables from survey data into your segmentation model when you don't have that data for customers that didn't respond to the survey?

Paul Weiss: We would use a statistical attribution technique to map customers into the right segments based on other data that is available.

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