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Database Marketing Solutions Update

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Equifax Database Services is known in the industry for creating custom platforms for the midmarket and enterprise-level organizations. Our solutions are engineered to provide clients state-of-the-art platforms that offer flexibility and scalability with solutions that can easily adapt to support their ever-evolving marketing needs. To keep pace with the solutions and ongoing needs of our customers, Equifax Database Services remains committed to ongoing deployment of new initiatives, methodologies and solutions designed to provide greater process efficiency, quality, performance and customer experience.

Database Solutions Update - June 2010

TargetConnect - Offer the right message to the right consumer with real-time marketing data: All of your customers are not created equal, so why would you treat them the same?  Our TargetConnect solution allows you to get real-time marketing data when a customer visits your website, visits your point of service, or calls into your call center. This means that you can provide a custom offer, personalize the customer experience, or suggest additional products or services based on that specific customer’s demographics, lifestyle information, financial status, or purchase behaviors. TargetConnect can also deliver custom models and scores, designed by our Analytic Consulting Team, that paint a picture of your key customer segments. TargetConnect has helped companies in a wide range of markets – from Insurance to Travel and Entertainment – to rank their leads, prioritize their customers, customize offers, and route inquiries. Learn more about TargetConnect and how it can help you treat your customers like the individuals they are.

Database Solutions Update - April 2010

Equifax Database Services’ LEAN Journey…
Equifax is committed to driving operational excellence and meeting customer needs through its focus on process improvement and continuous learning. To achieve this aspiration, a company-wide, strategic initiative has been underway since 2007 to embed Lean thinking and improvement methods across our business. Since its inception, the Lean process improvement approach has served as a powerful, systematic methodology for driving strong operating performance, improving our business processes, and ensuring a customer-oriented culture

Equifax Database Services is an active participant in the Lean initiative, leveraging the methodology to improve process efficiency, the quality of our product deliverables, and our overall customer experience at a lower cost. In alignment with the core concepts to Lean, we are utilizing five basic steps to deploy the methodology in our business:

1. Define and Assess the Current State
To start a Lean improvement project, we typically map the current state of the end-to-end value stream/process and collect actual process data and key performance metrics. This is followed by an interrogation of the process to identify where “waste” exists and where the greatest performance improvement can be generated.

2. Determine the Future State Workflow 
DBS focuses customer-facing initiatives that will enhance our clients’ speed-to-market and overall marketing ROI. We prioritize efforts to achieve immediate performance gains and rapid payback. While making long-term strategic improvements, we seek to identify and capture “low hanging fruit” that can enable us to deliver immediate gains.

3. Identify Solutions/Priorities for Execution
DBS focuses customer-facing initiatives that will enhance our clients' speed-to-market and overall marketing ROI. We prioritize efforts to achieve immediate performance gains and rapid payback. While making long-term strategic improvements, we seek to identify and capture "low hanging fruit" that can enable us to deliver immediate gains.

4. Install the Changes (Kaizen)
We leverage the Lean mindset of "kaizen", or "rapid change in the installation of solutions to the identified opportunities. Typically, this results in targeted work teams of 10-15 associates driving tactical improvements in a focused project/event. The objective of the kaizen event is to ensure that the solutions proposed are installed, understood, and are generating the impact intended.  Our approach is grounded on rapidly testing solutions and measuring the results through the KPIs that determine performance for our customers.

5. Sustain the Solutions
We stress the importance of ensuring the process improvements installed are able to deliver long-term value for our clients.  As such, a core part of our approach is how we sustain the impact through our follow-up monitoring activities.  This includes periodic reviews of KPI performance and process execution, where issues are identified and addressed quickly.  We also explore opportunities to sustain our improvements through changes in organizational design, training, scheduling, quality methods, utility systems, costing systems, and investment policies, etc.

Over time, we envision that Lean/Process Improvement will become an even more powerful part of how Equifax delivers for our customers. It is transforming our work culture, empowering our employees to make significant contributions in our journey toward operational excellence.  We look forward to working with clients in partnership throughout our Lean journey to better serve and deliver the value that they expect from our organization.

Recent Equifax Acquisition - IXI Corporation

In 2009, EFX acquired IXI, the nation’s only wealth/asset data repository. IXI provides reliable and actionable insight on consumer financial capacity, investment style, behaviors, and characteristics based on this foundation of direct-measured data. Through an exclusive network of more than 95 leading financial institutions, IXI directly measures about $10 trillion in U.S. consumer assets and investments, representing more than 42 percent of all U.S. consumer invested assets. This proprietary data network is the engine that drives the most effective customer segmentation and market tracking solutions available today. The combination of IXI and the broader set of Equifax Data Suites provide our clients unique and differentiated data and delivery solutions that will provide you a broad understanding of your prospects and customers to cross-sell, up-sell and deliver effective customer acquisition campaigns. Contact

Database Solutions Update - December 2009

Analytic Data Marts
Equifax Database Services recently developed a data mart solution integrating several customer data sources into a comprehensive repository where a variety of activities including querying and reporting, data mining and analytics can be performed. The hosted solution offers rich, historical data points inclusive of time series data snapshots and user defined fields integrated to enable the client direct access to a scalable technology platform. This data mart solution leverages our experience with technology applications, analytics and offline/online credit data availability into a powerful, integrated and cost-savings solution.

Learn more about Our Approach and Our Solutions or contact us at: 1-800-660-5125 or

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As the needs of our customers have evolved, so have we. Expanding on our role as the trusted steward of credit data, Equifax has grown into the leading provider of technology-and analytics-fueled information solutions.

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