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Strategic Marketing Services - What Clients Are Saying

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"We were primarily using Equifax Database Services (formerly BeNOW) for their database hosting and campaign management support. We also engaged the Strategic Marketing Services (SMS) group as an add-on service for their capabilities in data analysis, statistical modeling and customer profitability analysis. SMS provided us with terrific and usable insights on customer behavior. Based on their recommendations, we were able to strengthen our loyalty programs, better combat attrition and better predict new member profitability."
Vice President, Database Marketing Services


"We have been working with Equifax Database Services' Strategic Marketing Services Group (SMS) on several projects including, MDI profiling for our new store development, customer modeling, and customer segmentation schemes. We've also engaged SMS on two prospect models. Our first prospect model was a huge success; from prospect identification to our return on investment. And now with our second prospect model underway, the data and the insight from SMS is already confirming what we know and need to do. The results seem very promising. Our relationship with SMS Group has been positive and beneficial from project design to implementation, and I would absolutely recommend them."
Project Manager


"Our biggest challenge was providing measurable and meaningful data to senior management and the team members who manage the variety of brands and products. The Strategic Marketing Services (SMS) team was a great partner and extremely helpful in developing static surveys to help us understand more about our customer and prospect preferences. They provided a "fresh perspective" on our own data since we were too close to it. They developed the survey questions, messaging, and programs that would help resonate with our customers from a brand equity standpoint.

Having the SMS expertise meant having the information we needed to know as opposed to wanting to hear. SMS introduced a whole new set of metrics such as loyalty conversion & loyalty advocates. They also created and implemented key metrics to enhance our measurement systems. They helped us uncover and tell the right story by identifying the programs that delivered. I would absolutely recommend the Strategic Marketing Services, they were a great group to work with."
Director of Direct and Interactive Marketing Services


"We engaged Equifax Database Services Strategic Marketing Services Group (SMS) because they knew our business challenges as a consumer packaged goods company and what we were trying to do: ensure an effective means and delivery of communicating with our customers that would be significant and measured. SMS put their expertise to work by developing a test and controlled survey approach that helped us formulate the integration and delivery of our direct mail and online promotion efforts to our customers. The end result: SMS provided us with the metrics and means to measure the real impact of our brand health. We were finally able to understand where and how these integrated promotions best performed and delivered, and most importantly, gave us a clear indication in the differences or changes in lift. We were able to measure which customers remained loyal, had a future propensity to switch to other products, and demonstrated a likelihood to promote or “tell their friends” about our products. SMS helped us benchmark the growth of our brand in the market. The SMS group was very knowledgeable, thorough, and a good team to work with. I'd welcome the opportunity to work with them again."
Senior Manager of Database Marketing

Learn more about Strategic Marketing Services approach on customer segmentation
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