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360° Customer Segmentation White Paper

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Equifax Database Marketing White Paper Series

Optimize Database Marketing Results with 360° Customer Segmentation
A methodology that yields outstanding results greater than the sum of its parts
By Paul Weiss, Vice President, Strategic Marketing, Equifax Database Services

How do you take into account customers that may not currently be profitable but have the quality/characteristics of profitable customers? How can you effectively maximize the value of several distinct categories of customer data? Industry experts are advising marketers to develop special marketing practices to deal with the realities of today’s economic environment. Some of the best advice includes making customer insight core to the organization, focusing
on retaining best customers, using analytics to optimize channel selection
and partnering with market research.


By following these recommendations, database marketers can:
Help guarantee that marketing budgets are kept in place
Spread the word within the organization beyond marketing
Maintain profit margins and spending efficiently
Improve response rates
Leverage database marketing techniques combined with market research
Readers of this white paper will learn:
The Value of Customer Data and 360º Customer Segmentation
Customer Segmentation Methods
How to Leverage the Four Major Data Sources
A Sample Custom Metric
The Six Recommended Survey Components for Implementing Segmentation
How to Implement the new 360º Customer Segmentation Scheme
Recommendations for Developing a Successful 360º Customer Segmentation



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