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Equifax Database Services Case Studies

In the world of marketing, times have forever changed for both companies and customers. With more products, services and options to choose from than ever before, complicated by the shifting loyalties of consumers away from manufacturers and toward retailers, this crowded marketplace demands that companies adopt new strategies and revised tactics in order to hit their marketing and customer relationship goals.

Equifax DBS is equipped to help clients respond to these new business challenges with the right database marketing solutions.

Maintaining Customer Loyalty
Optimizing customer relationships

Customer loyalty. Every company wants it, but most find it difficult to attain. At Equifax Database Services, our solutions are designed to give you maximum insight into customer behavior so that you can focus on optimizing your customer relationships.

Understanding Your Customers
Obtaining a clean, consolidated and singular view of the customer

Despite all of the industry buzzwords focused on customers —including customer loyalty, customer relationship management, customer-centricity and customer experience — a surprising number of companies are still struggling with the most important fundamental of all: a clean, consolidated, single view of the customer. We're experts at combining all types of customer data into a customer view that can be easily analyzed and understood. We can also provide the analytics and strategic guidance you might be looking for in your efforts to better understand your customers.

Linking Marketing and Risk
Integrating the efforts between risk and marketing

In the world of financial services, credit marketing has hit a particularly difficult period. And with credit companies searching for new and better ways to optimize their results, Equifax has some unique solutions to offer. With the combination of Equifax's database services, credit data, demographic data and real-time credit offering engines, our financial services clients can have a fully integrated solution that not only reduces risk but improves marketing results.

Creating a Connection with the Customer
Increasing customer loyalty and repurchase rates

For years, companies who rely on a distribution channel to sell their products have successfully created customer loyalty through a combination of effective mass media branding and building the knowledge base of the sales people in the particular channel. However, as the retailers have became savvy about building relationships with their customers, customer loyalty has shifted away from the manufacturers towards the retailers. For years, Equifax has been helping manufacturers build and maintain marketing databases using their own warranty/registration information—as well as our own best-in-class consumer data.

Cross-Selling More Effectively
Cross-selling additional products to your customers

A key challenge in creating long-lasting and more profitable customer relationships is successfully cross-selling additional products to your customers. Equifax Database Services uses state-of-the-art technology and industry best-practices to integrate data across product lines and develop cross-sell models that help our clients focus their marketing initiatives. Once a cross-product view has been created, insights into natural cross-sell opportunities can be developed. Then the organization is on its way to developing larger, more profitable and longer lasting customer relationships.

Increasing Customer Profitability
Understanding which customers are discount-sensitive and which ones are not

Make your customers more profitable and you'll make your company more profitable. While this axiom is undoubtedly true, many companies struggle with the concept as they try to entice customers to purchase more by offering discounts and sales. Using our customer-centric strategic framework, Equifax Database Services helps our clients first understand the differences in customer behavior and then develop new marketing strategies and programs that are designed to increase customer profitability. These strategies vary from developing trigger-based programs to segmented contact strategies to highly personalized messaging.

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As the needs of our customers have evolved, so have we. Expanding on our role as the trusted steward of credit data, Equifax has grown into the leading provider of technology-and analytics-fueled information solutions.

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