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2008 Webinars

Product - Retention

2008 Webinar Series

Missed the Equifax Database Services 2008 Webinar Series? Webinar presentations are available.

Right-Size Your Customer Investments: Marketing to Customer Value and Potential
Multi-channel marketing opportunities give marketers a host of options for improving returns from their customer marketing investments. How do marketing organizations determine optimal customer investment levels and implement programs to maximize their ROI? This session provides insight into the tools and techniques used for implementing a variable customer investment strategy.

What is Your Marketing Database Really Worth? Assessing the Strategic and Monetary Value of Your Marketing Database
Marketing teams are being asked by senior management to prove that their marketing efforts are providing an acceptable return on investment. And even if clearly demonstrated, CFOs and CEOs see the large line item on the balance sheet and question the investment. This session provides the framework for demonstrating the value to be gained from having a high-quality marketing database.

Transforming to Customer Centricity
Companies recognize that marketing must be customer-centric to be effective. What is "customer-centricity" and how do companies transform to achieve true "customer centricity?" This session provides the objectives and competencies needed for making the transformation--channel optimization, channel integration and customer optimization.

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