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Advertising Click Message Scam


Equifax Corporate Security has received notice that consumers have received emails claiming to be from Equifax Credit Monitoring. The emails claim to be for an "Identity Theft Alert" and state that the consumer's credit score has decreased/increased by a significant amount.


It has been determined that these emails are part of an on-going advertising click scam. These emails are not from Equifax. The links in the emails do not appear to be malicious in nature.


Suspicious emails appearing to be from Equifax can be reported to Equifax Corporate Security at (866) 493-5983 or


From: Equifax Credit Monitoring <>

Subject: Re: [victim email address] Identify Theft Alert

Date: 22 January, 2013 12:26:13 PM MST

To: [Victim email address]


Identify Theft Alert!


Membership Id: [bogus ID #]


Registered Email: [Victim Email address]


Hello [victim email address],


Your credit score has decreased by over 70 points in past 15 days alone. We belie that is very unusual decline.


You might be having Identify Theft Issue.


We recommend you to check your credit Report immediately by visiting HERE.


It’s absolutely FREE of cost.




Customer Care


Equifax Credit Monitoring

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