Knock. Knock.
A new purchase market is at your front door.

The housing market is stabilizing, and growing numbers of first-time home buyers are making a move. But, if your lending strategy is still locked on refinance applications, you could be closing doors to buyers, instead of opening them.

Roll out the welcome mat.

Get the edge you need to securely originate and underwrite more new home loans with speed and confidence by retooling your lending process with our robust mortgage solutions.

In one simple stop, you can get current consumer credit information, efficient verification services, advanced technology and trusted industry expertise to help you compete for, and win, the business of home buyers.

Home buyers are lining up.

Can you efficiently, and profitably, service them?

Our experts examine the refi-to-purchase shift and how to maximize the opportunity. View the video clips above.

Open the Door to Opportunity with Equifax

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Are you targeting the right borrowers?

Reach interested, “in-the-market” home buyers who match your risk appetite.

Locating and converting quality leads will be critical in the growing purchase market. Boost your marketing performance by identifying, segmenting and targeting prospects who are lower-risk and more likely to open a mortgage loan.

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Offer a better borrower experience

Minimize delays with thorough, consistent verifications at every stage of the process.

Since a purchase application can be more complex to process than a refinance, it is important for you to have access to verification sources that help facilitate compliance while adding consistency and operational efficiency to your fulfillment process. Close more purchase loans with confidence and ease using a swift, one-stop source for comprehensive, automated loan-level verifications.

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Are you protected against costly repurchase demands?

Mitigate the impact of risky “unknowns” with continuous borrower alerts.

Balancing loan processing consistency and compliance with superior customer service will play an important part in successfully navigating the new purchase market. Identifying undisclosed debt and costly changes in borrower debt-to-income (DTI) early in the origination process will allow you to proactively discuss the impact with the borrower and facilitate a smoother lending process for everyone at the closing table.

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