Undisclosed Debt MonitoringTM

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You'll better understand the value Undisclosed Debt Monitoring with these helpful materials.

Zoom in on undisclosed debt

Facts and figures come together visually to highlight big issues that can sideswipe you and your customers at closing in this statistic-filled infographic.

Explore the features, advantages and benefits

Learn everything from the features, advantages and benefits to "how it works" in this informative product sheet.

Access industry exclusive research

After seeing the results of an in-depth Equifax data analysis put within the context of new regulatory standards for loan verification and debt disclosure, you'll understand why credit reports rarely tell the full story. Packed with statistics, graphs and other data-driven proof points, this easy-to-read white paper offers a smart roadmap for improved industry compliance and a more transparent, efficient and profitable origination process.

Calculate the value of Undisclosed Debt Monitoring

Get a number that is unique to your organization, one that shows you the cost savings you'll experience by proactively monitoring borrow files during the quiet period as opposed to pulling a static credit report.
We could not have made it through this volume without Undisclosed Debt Monitoring. It really saves us time and money."

Mike Perkins, National Underwriting Manager Crescent Mortgage