Undisclosed Debt Solutions for the Mortgage Industry

  • It's not always quiet during the quiet period, and it’s important to hear about potential issues prior to mortgage closing.

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  • Have you heard?

    The average borrower who opens a new trade line does it just 28 days before closing.

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  • Listen up!

    Undisclosed debt remains one of the largest challenges for investors with a delegated correspondent channel.

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A solution that's always listening

As concerns over loan repurchases linger in the mortgage market, the industry is seeking innovative solutions to prevent the origination of stated liability loans and minimize losses associated with undisclosed debt.

Now mortgage businesses can proactively mitigate repurchase risk and keep closings on track with help from Equifax Undisclosed Debt Solutions. We constantly monitor borrower files and provide daily alerts to mortgage originators of activity that may represent potential risk associated with mortgage loans in their pipelines during the quiet period - the time between the original credit file pull and loan closing - which helps you:

Trusted by nearly half of the top 50 lenders

As the pioneering provider of Undisclosed Debt MonitoringTM, the industry's original undisclosed debt tool, Equifax is now trusted by nearly half of the nation's top 50 lenders. From originators to investors, more mortgage businesses rely on Equifax to help them protect against undisclosed risk and enhance long-term confidence in the mortgage origination process.

  • Includes tri-bureau inquiries
  • Calculates debt-to-income (DTI)
  • GSE compatible
  • Enhanced alert reporting
  • Easy delivery options
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Multiple data modules and configurations

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