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Invoice and Payment Questions

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The Equifax Business Customer Support team has identified the following Frequently Asked Questions to help our business customers find the information that they are looking for.


If this information does not answer your questions, please visit the Contact Information page for more information about how to contact the Equifax Business Customer Support team.


The information found on the Business Customer Support pages is to be used by Equifax Business Customers only. The Business Customer Support Team will not be able to answer questions about consumer credit reports, credit disputes or reports of fraud. To learn more about Equifax Personal Information Solutions, visit the Personal Information Solutions page.


How do I read my invoice?

The first three pages of the invoice can provide a wealth of information. The first page in the upper right hand corner displays the invoice amount due, billing period being charged and the date of the invoice.

The second page provides a brief explanation of the codes which may appear on the detailed invoice pages which are typically after the third invoice page. An overall summary of the invoice is on the third page which displays the products, services and other ancillary charges as well as all taxes. 

What do the billing codes mean?

A description of the product codes listed on the invoice detail pages are briefly stated on the third page of the invoice called the "Invoice Summary."


Further descriptions can be provided  by contacting your sales representatives or the Equifax Customer Business Support team.


The second page of the invoice provides a brief explanation of the following code types: the method of access that you pull credit files, hit indicator or if your credit file request was successful and whether the file was joint or individual.



What is my invoice total?

If you receive a statement of account, your account balance will be presented in the middle of the statement under the heading "Total Amount."


If you receive an invoice, your invoice total amount is presented in three places:

- In the upper right hand corner under the heading "Invoice Summary" in bold type entitled "Amount Due"

- In the payment coupon which is at the bottom of the first page to the right of the "Upon Receipt"

- On the third page at the bottom right called "Total Current Charges"


I cannot open my invoice online



The method in which you access your detailed invoice will determine the method that will be used to open the invoice online.


If you only receive a monthly email notification and do not have a User ID, your Equifax account number typed in UPPER CASE letters with the caps lock off on your keyboard will open the encrypted PDF invoice file attachment.


If you have a User ID and password, you will receive an electronic statement of account via email, no detailed invoice will be delivered. You must log onto the website to view your detailed invoices. Only customers whose electronic detailed invoices file size are over the mail server limitation and/or have multiple accounts will have a User ID established.


If you have difficulty opening the invoice in either method, call Customer Service at 800.685.5000 for assistance.



Why do I get a Past Due notice?

Our customers will automatically be sent a statement of account via email or US Postal Service. The statement lists any open aging 30 days or older invoices on the account. In some cases, a separate account reminder may be delivered in the form of a letter. 



Why isn't my existing credit reflected in the balance on my invoice?

While there may be a credit on the account, credits are not automated and will not reflect on any invoice. Customers may call customer service 800.685.5000 to verify and confirm actual balance. 

How do I make a payment?

Existing customer who are registered to receive their invoices electronically may pay online by one of the following methods:

- ACH (automated clearing house)

- Check - if the customer wishes to print the invoice and mail a check

- Wire

- Credit Card - AMEX, MC, DISC, VISA up to $10,000 per invoice


Make a payment online by going to


Customers not currently registered to receive electronic invoices may enroll at 

Why use Equifax

As the needs of our customers have evolved, so have we. Expanding on our role as the trusted steward of credit data, Equifax has grown into the leading provider of technology-and analytics-fueled information solutions.

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