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The Equifax Business Customer Support team has identified the following Frequently Asked Questions to help our business customers find the information that they are looking for.


If this information does not answer your questions, please visit the
Contact Information page for more information about how to contact the Equifax Business Customer Support team.


The information found on the Business Customer Support pages is to be used by Equifax Business Customers only. The Business Customer Support Team will not be able to answer questions about consumer credit reports, credit disputes or reports of fraud. To learn more about Equifax Personal Information Solutions, visit the Personal Information Solutions page.


How do I reset my e-Port password?

Enter your User ID and click the Password Help button.
Your password will be emailed to you after correctly answering the challenge questions

- Or -

You will be presented with a listing of your company administrators who you can contact to reset your password.

How do I reset my EIPP password?

For PDF Customers:
The EIPP password is always your current account / member number. Use the SHIFT key instead of the SHIFT LOCK to enter the 2 alphas in the member number. In the event that EIPP customers need to reset their current password, the user should contact customer service at 800-685-5000


For Portal Customers:
Customers can click on the main EIPP page "Forgot Your Password" or "User ID" to receive an email notification OR the company administrator OR customer service representative can reset their password.


How do I reset my Interconnect password?



When the InterConnect solution is delivered to a customer, a custom 'Interconnect User Guide' is also provided. This guide enables customers to change, administer and delete current as well as expired passwords.


The InterConnect user interface also provides access to online Help screens. These can be accessed from the initial sign-on screen where users can select a hyperlink titled "Password Help."  The screen prompts the user to enter some user information and the email address where the new password is to be sent. Alternatively, a 'Help' hyperlink is available once the user has signed in that provides a variety of help screens on various InterConnect functions.


The System Administrator has the ability to reset user passwords from within the Workbench>Manager Users toolset.


How can I be notified of a system outage?

Any customer activated on the Equifax Customer Incident Notification System will automatically receive alerts via text page, telephone and/or e-mail, in regards to any and all outage situations. Customers that are not activated will have to contact their dedicated sales representative for notification and incident Notification activation.


See the Customer Incident Notification in the Related Resources section above. Complete the form and provide to your assigned Sales Representative. 

How do I open a ticket / service request?

To open a Service Request online, click the Submit a Service Request link, enter the required information and Submit the Service Request.

- Or -

Contact the Business Customer Support Team via email or Telephone using the following information:

For Support for:

- Interconnect

- eID Verifier

- eID Compare

- DecisionPower

Contact or 877.420.7345


For Support for

- MarketReveal

- TPA Lite

Contact: or 800.685.5000


For Support for all other products contact or 800.685.5000

How do I change the supervisor access on my account?

ePort customers wanting to change their supervisor access should call the ePort Helpdesk at 866.222.5879 and speak with a customer service representative.


Why use Equifax

As the needs of our customers have evolved, so have we. Expanding on our role as the trusted steward of credit data, Equifax has grown into the leading provider of technology-and analytics-fueled information solutions.

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