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  • Adobe PDF IconCruiseCo
  • A cruise line wanted to book available cabins for cruises using direct marketing tactics. This travel company’s solution combined a CRM prospecting system with demographic and lifestyle data and analytical capabilities.

  • Adobe PDF IconEquifax "Nails" Acquisition Solution for Hardware Chain
  • Hardware store sought to increase its direct marketing response rates by refining its methods of name selection.

  • Adobe PDF IconMicro-Loan Marketer Finds Gold in Equifax ValueScore
  • Because many more lenders are targeting the subprime population, direct mail response has fallen off, making it difficult to build a business around invitation to apply offers.

  • Adobe PDF IconTop Card Issuers Success with Predictive Triggers
  • Credit card issuer was struggling to achieve positive ROI on its direct marketing spend. Equifax implemented a triggered lead gen tool that allowed card issuer to identify best prospects.

Product - Retention

Loyal customers typically buy more frequently and spend more than new customers. In this highly competitive climate, it has never been more important to keep good customers satisfied.

Identify and reward your best customers with special promotional offers, increased credit limits, and value-added products and services. Your success hinges on strengthening customer relationships and capitalizing on the loyalty you have worked hard to build.

Segmentation - Learning more about your customers will help you to determine which ones you should target with your marketing efforts... and which ones you should not.

Database Management - Developing a comprehensive view of your customer over time - through our database management services - will enable you to target retention efforts more effectively through your inbound and outbound channels.

What’s the Benefit to Your Business?
Strengthen your custom relationships by identifying, and targeting your best customers
Better understand customers' buying habits and preferences through segmentation and profiling
Build loyalty by developing targeted and timely affinity programs
Uncover additional sales opportunities by analyzing your customer portfolio
Enrich your marketing programs by confirming and expanding the information you have on your current customer base
Build low-churn, multi-line relationships by targeting customer segments
Enhance customer service by delivering faster, better decisions
Identify purchasing trends thorough analysis of your markets
Reduce waste and costs that result from inaccurate customer information

To contact an Equifax sales representative, please call 1-866-816-8573 

Why use Equifax

As the needs of our customers have evolved, so have we. Expanding on our role as the trusted steward of credit data, Equifax has grown into the leading provider of technology-and analytics-fueled information solutions.

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