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Equifax DBS offers industry-specific marketing solutions based on a customer-focused strategic framework that underpins all of our client solutions. Called "Transforming to Customer-Centricity," the idea is that the more customer-centric, meaning relevant and timely, the marketing message is, the more successful that message will be in getting through to the customer. And that leads to more effective marketing programs and stronger sales.

Here's where Equifax DBS comes in:

We partner with clients in the development and ongoing utilization of a customer-centric marketing database that we build and host on their behalf
We provide strategic, analytic and technical expertise as well as a variety of data services to maximize return on our clients' marketing investment

Our underlying marketing database platform is an open-architecture solution, proven flexible and scalable. We integrate all relevant data sources, internally or externally sourced, into our clients' B2C, B2B or hybrid marketing database. We leverage the wide array of data hygiene services to which we have access, for example NCOA and Connexus persistent keys, to cleanse and consolidate the data in order to produce a holistic and enhanced view of each customer and household within the database. We also pre-integrate best-of-breed marketing automation tools for data mining, campaign management and business intelligence to support the reporting, campaign management and analysis needed to continually analyze, test, measure and improve our clients' marketing efforts.

An overview of a representative solution:

Solution Architecture

The Equifax DBS solution offers all the key marketing services your organization will need to begin or continue your efforts toward customer-centricity. Our expert team will help you get there.

Check out our Solutions Update for the latest in new initiatives, methodologies and solutions.

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Why use Equifax

As the needs of our customers have evolved, so have we. Expanding on our role as the trusted steward of credit data, Equifax has grown into the leading provider of technology-and analytics-fueled information solutions.

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