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  • Adobe PDF IconCase Study - Charming Shoppes & OFAC Alert
  • This retailer needed a more cost-effective way to meet USA Patriot Act requirements that would provide a consistent audit trail and assist in providing regulatory sources documentation

Product - Compliance

The need to meet government agency screening requirements has never been greater. Knowing your customers and their backgrounds is essential in minimizing your risk and staying in compliance. Equifax enables you to easily conduct government-mandated due diligence on your business activities, ensuring cost-effective compliance.

What’s the Benefit to Your Business?
Quickly and easily verify identities
Receive risk alerts and notifications electronically
Access a single, centralized information source on high-risk individuals, entities and transactions
Streamline monitoring and compliance with regulations such as the USA PATRIOT Act
Screen portfolios or individual

To contact an Equifax sales representative, please call 1-800-722-6119 

Why use Equifax

As the needs of our customers have evolved, so have we. Expanding on our role as the trusted steward of credit data, Equifax has grown into the leading provider of technology-and analytics-fueled information solutions.

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