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Product - Compiled Data

To stay competitive, you need the ability to target clients and prospects more effectively. One method is to append your client files with compiled marketing data that will enhance direct marketing models used for customer acquisition, retention or cross-sell. By utilizing data from a vast array of sources and analyzing the relationships between these sources, you can gain access to a wealth of useful and powerful marketing information. Compiled consumer files consist of demographic, lifestyle, psycho-graphic, and credit information (number of inquiries or propensity to revolve or transact).

The sources for compiled data could include public sources such as surveys, telephone directories, auto registrations, warranty cards and sweepstakes. Consumer compiled files can be further classified into specialty lists such as ethnic markets, newlyweds, or new parents. These lists can be of tremendous value to niche marketers whose business is based on precise timing and moving targets.

What’s the Benefit to Your Business?
Isolate qualified prospects by accessing lifestyle/demographic selections and robust credit data.
Improve direct marketing campaigns and increase ROI.
Learn more about your customers to assist in retention efforts.
Leverage and maintain your house file effectively.

Manage and capitalize on multiple channels as a part of your growth and customer retention strategy.

TotalSource XL

The TotalSource XL file is the largest compiled consumer database on the market. From purchase history to demographics and lifestyles, this truly comprehensive list offers more than 150 different segment groups on over 115 million U.S. households. Developed from 31 different data sources and offered in conjunction with an impressive array of analytical services, TotalSource XL will pinpoint your prospects and deliver them to you in a timely, effective and cost-savings manner.

TotalSource XL Advantage/Advantage PLUS Enhancement

Demographic data often contains gaps which make it easy to bypass prospects in marketing segmentation. Equifax addresses this issue by leveraging our high-quality known demographic information. Through our new TotalSource XL Advantage/Advantage PLUS product enhancement, we are now able to provide nearly-100% coverage for 12 of the most valuable demographic fields. We have developed inferences built upon both household and geographic information. The new Advantage fields available to complete the demographic portrait are:

Household Income
Household Marital Status
Household Education
Dwelling Type
Home Valuation Model
Household Age
Number of Adults
Presence of Children
Household Size
Length of Residence
Individual Marital Status

At the core of our inferences is the Equifax TotalSource XL file, one of the highest quality demographic data sources in the industry. Equifax can provide these enhanced fields as part of new data installations, or as an enhancement to your existing data.

To contact an Equifax sales representative, please call 1-866-816-8573 


Why use Equifax

As the needs of our customers have evolved, so have we. Expanding on our role as the trusted steward of credit data, Equifax has grown into the leading provider of technology-and analytics-fueled information solutions.

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