B2B Marketing Lists

Marketing lists that lack a target audience or include stale business information can break the best of campaigns. With Equifax B2B Marketing Lists, you get access to the very latest, market-leading business data, advanced analytics and proprietary technology to help you quickly identify, reach and connect with your target audience, boost your marketing qualified leads and ultimately generate a higher marketing ROI.

Unlike other list resources, we offer comprehensive small to enterprise business coverage and expertise, plus fresh, high quality contact data and a smart mix of commercial and consumer data, along with the ability to segment lists according to your risk profile by appending non-financial commercial credit scores.

Our proven B2B Marketing Lists include:

  • Identify relevant connections between your individual customer and business data.
  • Contact information for email, direct mail and teleprospecting campaigns.
  • Exclusive data from Equifax, not found elsewhere.
  • Predict your exposure to risk using non-financial credit score information.
  • Know about any new businesses in your geographic area with Hotline lists.