What We Look For?

The working culture we have nurtured will be appreciated by people who have a distinctive attitude to their job. Our ‘Connections Framework' identifies the attributes our people operate by and if these resonate with you, you will enjoy working at Equifax too.

Business knowledge

You can build and demonstrate an understanding of Equifax's business and the business of its competitors; you work to understand how customers use Equifax's services / products and how these are affected by current events, dynamic marketplaces and evolving technology.

Problem solving – Decision making

You can draw meaningful conclusions from various techniques and use critical thinking to evaluate information, identifying opportunities for improvement; you consider the effectiveness and the associated risks of various alternatives and demonstrate sound judgement in the selection of a solution.


You build strong relationships and share knowledge openly to effectively collaborate across Equifax's matrix; you challenge the views of others and persuade them through effective dialogue and actions.


You take ownership of results and demonstrate urgency in achieving goals, recognising that success is often defined as quality and speed, not perfection; you effectively prioritise competing objectives and apply sound project management to optimise results.

Customer Value Creation

You will demonstrate knowledge of your customer base and deliver services / products that add value; you are able to utilise knowledge of customers' priorities and have a tolerance for risk to identify ways to serve them better and strengthen the relationship.

Talent Development

You take responsibility for the development of yourself and others, helping colleagues to enhance performance and strengthen their potential to contribute to Equifax; you solicit feedback and provide direct, honest and timely feedback, taking action to capitalise on strengths and address development needs.