Neil Compton

Head of Telecommunications

Been with Equifax for 12 years

The big attraction for me about Equifax is there's the ability here to make a difference, get things done and be recognised for what you're achieving. Although we're about the same size as our main competitor globally, in the UK we're a smaller, more agile business. This means it's easier to access senior people, affect real changes and be noticed for what you do.

I joined 12 years ago in a junior sales role looking after a small mixed portfolio of retail and telecommunications (telecoms) clients – all well known High Street brands. I managed these relationships for four years until I was promoted to the Strategic Banking Team, taking responsibility for the Barclays account and later, HSBC as well. It was a pretty demanding time. I soon became Account Director for those clients and grew the size of our business with Barclays and they became our second largest UK account.

At this point I decided I would like to manage a team as well as client relationships, so when the opportunity came up to lead the Telecoms team, I grabbed it. Then, when we realigned the business on vertical lines, I became its leader. Primarily, I lead a sales team of five people, but we also work closely with our support network which includes our Consulting and Analytics teams, Customer Services, and IT – all the people who help look after our clients. We have a relationship with nearly every major retail telecoms company in the market, including the five major mobile operators and we became the leading supplier to the sector about four years ago. I spend a lot of time face-to-face with customers discussing the products and services we can offer them. We have to understand their business issues and come up with solutions to their business needs. It's consultative, solution based sales, very much in partnership with our customers. But you don't solve problems just by talking to them, so I am involved in a lot of internal meetings too, working out what we're going to go back with. Successfully selling new products is the most rewarding part of my job, especially when you take a customer's problem, build a solution, deliver it and bring the whole project to a successful conclusion and delight your client.

When I joined Equifax, I didn't expect to stay here for 12 years. But there are a lot of other people who've been here as long – and some much longer. It shows Equifax has not only met and exceeded my expectations; it's done the same for others as well. I would say through my time with Equifax I've been challenged, pushed out of my comfort zone and progressed further than I ever thought possible.

Equifax is a fun place to work and it's a fascinating industry. Credit referencing agencies often get stick in the press but what we do is fundamental to the successful running of the economy. Basically, we enable people to get credit when in years gone by they couldn't have. We make credit decisions fair and accurate and for that reason this is a good business to join as well as an exciting one. If you think it might be for you, I would encourage you to look into it further. There are lots of opportunities here for personal development, and to build your career both in the UK and internationally.