Jill Pringle

Head of Promotion

Been with Equifax for less than a year

Equifax is a very exciting business, and you realise just how much once you start working here. You could describe us as a data company, but what we do is so much more. The insight we provide businesses helps them make well informed decisions and find opportunities that can have a real impact on the UK economy.

I must admit I didn't understand the full extent of Equifax's role until my first interview. I was interviewed by the Marketing Director – now my boss – and when he explained the company's vision, aspirations and growth targets I was hooked!

Equifax is a challenger brand. It's much smaller than its biggest competitor, but that was – and is – an attraction for me. To do well against such businesses, you have to be focused on what customers really want and be more innovative. I'm excited by the sheer size of our opportunity today; we can achieve something special for our brand. None of our competitors are really standing for something or ‘wowing' the market. I believe we can. We're in the right place at the right time, and in joining Equifax, I feel I am too.

I've been empowered to lead my area of the business, set its goals and decide how they're going to be achieved. On a normal day, I might spend time with some of my team discussing a proposition we're promoting, attend a project meeting to give a marketing steer or talk to our Public Relations (PR) or creative agency about our brand position in the UK. I've only been in this role four months, but already I've been able to research customers' perceptions which will influence our marketing strategy, brought in new people with specific marketing skills to improve the quality of our events and communications, and helped deliver our annual company conference.

It helps it's such a friendly place. You get the bug early on; you want to be part of this business and do your best for yourself and everyone else. I felt that particularly the first time I met with my peer team. I realised what an excellent group of people I'd joined, with strong personalities, skills and passion, and I was proud to join them. Then we went out to dinner and I realised what a wicked sense of humour they have, and loved it.

So far, thankfully, there haven't been any karaoke nights. I have a music degree, sang with choirs that competed around Europe, but don't give me a microphone and ask me to sing pop songs. Have you ever heard the Three Tenors attempting Beatles' songs? Seriously uncool!

So, what would I say to someone thinking of joining Equifax? If you want the status quo or to coast, then Equifax is not for you. But if you have talent, passion and a strong work ethic and want to shine, and make the company shine too, Equifax is growing and we need you – join us!