Adam Wearing

Financial Controller

Been with Equifax for four years

I was attracted to Equifax because it's uniquely positioned in an industry that's only going to get more important. The package was very competitive and I liked the people I met at the interview. They were hugely enthusiastic about what they did and the prospects for the business, and they had a strong moral outlook regarding customers and people.

I'm in my fifth year with the company now, and it's been challenging and exhilarating throughout. We've enough projects on the go at any one time to make your head spin. However everything's rooted in a true sense of purpose and we have a clearly evident path that we're following. Growing at about ten per cent a year in an economy that's shrinking and a market that is very mature is a big achievement. This is not just about taking business from our competitors but more about solving new and complex problems for our customers. The increasing recognition of the importance of data and analytics in decision making, in virtually all areas of business and society, presents a business like ours with a world of possibilities.

In my role I've made it my mission to bring my team much deeper into the business: to work more as a business partners than as policemen. To my mind this makes finance roles much more interesting and fulfilling because they're more interactive and collaborative. This means that, as well as speaking to the people who work directly for me in the Accounting and Transactional Services teams, there's daily interaction with the Financial Planning, Legal, IT, Sales and Human Resources (HR) teams. This is on both broad strategic projects and tactical issues, from advising on forthcoming bids and supporting restructuring programmes to working on office refurbishments and modelling new product offerings. In common with many US based organisations, finance is involved in everything that we do. That means I'm involved in projects from inception to completion and on-going monitoring. So I'm constantly making decisions, solving problems and looking at the way forward.

Equifax has around 400 people in the UK and Ireland. We're big enough to be playing with the big players but small enough to feel like a family. Of course, there are occasional clashes, but the closeness helps you overcome them. It also means you're aware of all the opportunities open to you. But it's up to you to drive your career. There's no spoon feeding. The flexibility's there to make things happen for the right people. Every year many new opportunities have presented themselves and it's been up to me to grab them. I've worked on lots of different projects from mergers and acquisitions to product development and right-shoring. Most memorable of all is the acquisition of a wealth data business. It's enabled the company to focus on more than credit, and broadened our outlook and ambitions. We can now begin to look at the entire individual, instead of just their credit history, and, as a result, the service we offer is much wider and the analysis is much deeper.

What we do involves a high level of analysis, and, as a result of that, I'm surrounded by very clever people. Some of them are a bit eccentric; all of them are opinionated. It's an intellectually challenging environment. If you enjoy that and can hold your own, you'll thrive.