Whole Loans

Up-to-date borrower performance across all credit obligations

Our whole loan solutions help you profile potential investments by differentiating between low-risk and high-risk whole loan pools and ABS deals.

The value to your business

  • Understand borrower financial health trends
    • Accurately profile borrowers’ latest performance across all their credit obligations
    • Reduce the risk of overbidding and underbidding
    • Incorporate wealth-based data to better understand a borrower’s likely financial position
  • Improve risk assessment
    • Identify changes in loan value and default risk earlier in your process
    • Identify putbacks and potential fraud
  • Monitor risk with a wide range of property valuation solutions
    • See the underlying data that supports an estimated property value, providing a 100% transparent solution as opposed to other "black box" AVMs in the market today
  • Increase efficiency
    • Focus more of your time on the “best” loan pools
    • Focus your manual due diligence efforts on the right loans
  • Enhance decision-making
    • Determine which loans to keep and which to unload
    • Target your servicer efforts toward the right loans
  • Validate employment and income
    • Mitigate risk at each decision-making point of the mortgage life cycle with accurate employment and income data
    • Unlike a W-2 or paystub, our records are employer-direct, reducing the potential for fraud
  • Access reliable property valuations
    • Broker Price Opinions (BPOs) tailored to your needs
    • Extensive, hands-on quality control

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