Research & Benchmarking

Online access to market-specific credit and economic research

Set strategies based on an up-to-date, fact-based view of economic and consumer credit patterns with our online access to market data.

The value to your business

  • Better manage your customer base by understanding the impact of the economy on your business
    • Compare credit and economic conditions in your footprint to other regions
    • Analyze receivables growth, delinquency rates and collections trends across markets
    • Identify markets for successful expansion by analyzing regional economic and credit trends
  • Identify and modify strategies that may assist in reducing business risk and improving profitability
    • Segment your portfolio using MSA risk forecasts to more effectively forecast losses under varying economic situations
    • Evaluate geographies to assess which ones are most likely at risk for job losses during economic downturns
    • Gain better insight into how the U.S. and regional economies affect consumer credit behavior
    • Assess market-level financial health for target geographies
    • Modify line strategies or pricing structures to incorporate economic risk associated with local geographies

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