Hiring and Turnover

Over the past 12 months the hiring rate outpaced the turnover rate in every sector. Transportation led the way with new hires far outpacing the number of employees leaving.

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Percent Change in Employment

Overall employment numbers were up over the past 12 months in every state with the exception of West Virginia which was down slightly. North Dakota led the way in employee growth with an increase of 4.1%. Other states with strong growth include Florida, Nevada, Georgia, Texas, and Colorado.

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Hiring & Turnover Trends

New hires were up in Q1 '15 versus the prior quarter. While new hire activity typically increases over the prior quarter in Q1, the increase for Q1 '15 was about 10 percentage points lower than the previous four years. Separations were down about 16% in Q1 '15 versus the prior quarter. This decrease is slightly higher (about 5 percentage points) than the quarter over quarter change experienced in recent years.

HOT TOPIC: The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is an example of regulatory change that can impact hiring and turnover rates. To learn more about the ACA-related employment trends, visit our Affordable Care Act page.

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