An AML screening and compliance solution that allows banking, financial and investment organizations to reduce risk by actively checking prospects and clients against denied persons lists.

Key Features

  • In real time, Watchlist will search and match names and entities against a number of global watch lists such as OFAC's Specially Designated Nationals (SDN), OSFI Consolidated Anti-Terrorism Lists.
  • Mitigates organizational risk associated with money laundering and fraudulent activity during your onboarding process by screening and matching individuals/entities against global watch lists.
  • Advanced search and matching technology reduces incidents of false positives.
  • Significantly improves  the ability to correctly identify potential threats by scanning multi-million name databases in seconds, including name variants, spelling variants, word transpositions and more.
  • Intelligently searches for and identifies duplicate records, errors and other techniques used to disguise true identities
  • Consolidates related or duplicate records into a single instance.

How it Works

With advanced fuzzy searching, a multicultural and matching capability, our Watchlist solution is able to find hits that are often overlooked by standard methodologies. Data variations due to misspellings, transcriptions, transpositions, acronyms, and cultural differences are easily overcome with sophisticated rules, algorithms and comparison routines.