Product Overview

End the Pain

W-2 Management with Equifax will provide you with end to end automation and will stop the flood of yearly W-2 distress calls with a complete solution that can include print and distribution of both paper-based and secure electronic W-2s.

Our efficient automated W-2 Management system provides your payroll department much needed relief during the busy tax season. It's an intelligent investment that delivers both immediate and long term returns.

  • Hassle free initial disbursement - Equifax offers a flexible, end to end solution to the never ending paperwork involved in W-2 distribution. Improved convenience and efficiency occurs from the start as we create electronic W-2s from data that you provide. Paperless original W-2s are delivered to consenting employees via the web.  Paper W-2s are printed and mailed. The system accommodates both current and former employees and is compliant with the IRS.
  • Relief from reissue requests - The system empowers your employees with self-service, allowing employees to request reprints anytime, from anywhere, without having to contact your payroll department.
  • Timesaving correction service - Requested changes from employees are collected with the service through a secure web portal or Equifax call center. These requests are then routed through a web administration site to authorized payroll staff in a clear, concise manner for electronic approval or denial.
  • High level of accuracy and security - We ensure accuracy of data through extensive testing and reviews before distribution. Audit and error reports are made available for you to easily track this process. The W-2 data is kept secure through double archiving, with a backup kept on our secure system.


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