Product Overview

Business are challenged with detecting increasingly sophisticated fraud attempts and a growing reliance on online channels presents even greater opportunities for skilled fraudsters. Although traditional identity screening can help identify synthetic and true-name fraud attempts, more sophisticated solutions also uncover behavioral patterns that are difficult for fraudsters to fake. Suspicious ID detects behavior patterns across institutions and industries that are indicative of fraudulent activity in real-time. The unique dataset, analytics and proprietary matching logic offered by Equifax, combined with our in-house risk and fraud expertise, provide important insights into application activity that is not available anywhere else. 

Suspicious ID tracks suspicious behavior in real-time using velocity related attributes and short windows of time such as:

  • Number of events associated with an address that happened within 60 seconds of each other over the past day
  • Number of events associated with a Social Security number and a conflicting name over the past 7 days
  • Number of events with the same Social Security number and a conflicting address over the past day
  • Access to a sophisticated scoring model to assess score cut-offs for application risk segmentation.


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