Student Loan Navigator Score

Precisely pinpoint recoverable student loan debt

Product Overview

Streamline student loan collection strategies

Student Loan Navigator Score™ delivers an intuitive, numeric score that rank-orders collections probability for student loan account balances. By combining insight from the Equifax credit reporting database with actual student loan performance data, Student Loan Navigator Score efficiently segments debtors to help boost recovery rates.

This score is tailored for student loan collection strategies and can help your business:

  • Increase recovery rates
  • Collect debt faster
  • Improve Profitability

Student Loan Navigator Score blends multiple behavioral dimensions, specific data points and proven recovery models to create a single output that optimizes the predictive power of the score. This differentiated, fused model creates significant lift over models that use traditional statistical methodology, which translates into stronger segmenting and ultimately, more dollars collected. A focused approach reduces your investment of time and resources and increases collections profitability.

Designed to integrate within a broader collections strategy, Student Loan Navigator supports all stages of the collection cycle through seamless compatibility with additional Equifax collections products, including ACT™, En ACT™, Recovery Report ™ and ACROFILE®.

Prioritize student loan collection strategies by identifying the most recoverable accounts with Student Loan Navigator.

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