Assess on-going risk and financial stability

Understand a customer's present and future to help you make balanced risk management decisions.

Understanding your existing customers' credit and financial position on an on-going basis is good business management, and helps you to be proactive in your dealings with customers.

Why choose Equifax?

We can help you:

  • Calculate the risk a customer represents to your business
  • Decide how best to treat customers to maximise their potential throughout their life with your business
  • Use credit, asset and income data to predict whether an individual is likely to remain financially stable, whether they can still afford their existing products and services, and whether they might be able to afford more.


We can supply varying levels of data and solutions, depending on whether you need them on an on-going basis or as a one-off request.

If we don't yet offer a tool that's right for your business, call our consultants. They'll work with you to define your unique risk and financial ability assessment needs and develop a bespoke solution.

"We are very satisfied with the service. In our company we often work on a tight deadline and most of the time we need an instant decision on whether to give customers credit. Equifax help us to take that decision promptly, and effectively gives us all the information we need."

Gregoria Gonzalez, Applied Language Solutions Ltd
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Equifax Financial Stability

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