Target Your Marketing

Discover who to target, when and how to communicate for the best results.

Want to reach your ideal target audience? Or are you just looking for more people like your existing customers? Either way, Equifax can help.

Why choose Equifax?

We can help you:

  • Find and contact members of your target audience - whether you define it based on location, wealth, habits or a combination
  • Identify what motivates people to buy your products and services
  • Work out the right time and channel for your communications.

If you're marketing business-to-business, look no further: our B2B database is one of the largest and most comprehensive available, with 3.4 million records, full UK coverage, and intelligence on the owners, directors and finances of both limited and non-limited businesses.


Access Equifax marketing data online, request data in batches, or have the latest data delivered directly into your own system via secure feed.

If we don't yet offer a tool that's right for your business, call our consultants. They'll work with you to define your unique marketing strategy needs and develop a bespoke solution

"The flexibility of the Equifax tool also means that intelligence-based segmentation can be combined with Clarity customer data for the greatest collections performance. Putting the customer data into segments means we can tailor collections actions by segment, thereby increasing the level of returns for outbound activity."

Laurence Rix, Corporate Service Director for Clarity
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