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Solutions for Credit Unions

We can effectively help you improve your target marketing efforts to find new members and more. Our dedicated credit union account managers will work with you to assess your marketing, credit risk, fraud prevention and collections management needs and tailor a range of Equifax solutions to help you grow

Improve your target marketing efforts and increase share of wallet

We can effectively help you find new members in the communities you serve and identify your best cross/up sell opportunities  with existing members—in selective communities or from coast to coast. With our Equifax Marketing Services, it's easy to use your member data in a compliant way to generate qualified lists of prospective new members and target the needs of your members for greater share of wallet.

Open your eyes to the risk in your member portfolio

With Canada's largest consumer credit information database, Equifax is well positioned to help credit unions protect their operations and its members against credit risk and surprise bankruptcies. Stay compliant with privacy and AML legislation and manage the risk in your member portfolio quickly and easily with a suite of Equifax Risk Management Services including risk and bankruptcy scores, advanced analytics and proprietary technology.

Avoid the sting of fraud

Member ID theft, synthetic or fake identities, data breaches and money laundering offences--- the sting of fraud has the potential to permanently damage the financial and reputational well-being of your credit union. As a trusted provider of Equifax Fraud Prevention Services ranging from fraud alerts and screening tools to data breach services and real-time identity management and authentication technology, Equifax can alert your credit union to potential risks before fraud occurs— or find a remedy if your data has been compromised.

Proactively monitor member accounts to avoid collections

Locate members who go missing to prevent collections issues. Recover money on overdue accounts by placing priority on members who have the ability to pay. Draw on Equifax Collections Management Services to help your credit union effectively maximize the returns to your members.

We're ready to help.

From simplifying the application process and preventing fraud, to enhancing target marketing efforts and prioritizing collections efforts, our solutions can be tailored to meet your needs, big or small.

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