Risk Management

Leverage our analytics, technologies and market leading source of consumer information with personal credit reports on over 24 million Canadians to maximize profits and reduce your exposure to risk associated with consumers.

Let's keep the delinquent customers from putting your business at risk.

Late and non-paying customers can hurt your cash flow, and even threaten the survival of your business. Equifax can arm you with the tools you need to prevent and limit high risk consumers from having a negative impact on your profits. Currently, thousands of small to mid-sized businesses count on us to provide them with information they can trust on over 24 million Canadians.

Understand who you are doing business with - before you do business with them.

  • Gain insight into a consumer's past payment history, risk profile and ability to pay bills.
  • Instantly make objective, fact-based credit decisions.
  • Set pricing terms and conditions based on a consumer's risk profile.
  • Prevent losses associated with consumer credit and fraud risk

Identify and manage high risk customer accounts - before they go to collections.

  • Clearly understand the amount of risk in your current book of business. 
  • Use alerts to manage accounts that are at increased risk for late payments and bankruptcy. 
  • Take timely action with ‘at risk' customers to prevent future losses.

Whether your business resides in financial services, communications, utilities, retail, mortgage, automotive or any other sectors, Equifax has what it takes to help you limit your exposure to risk for maximum growth.

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