Debt Sale / Purchase

Find out what a book of debt would look like if sold.


What's a fair price for a book of distressed debt? Does a book need to be split to ensure the best price? These calculations require you to estimate the effort needed to collect from every one of the debtors in the book. That's where Equifax comes in.

Why choose Equifax?

We can help you:

  • Thoroughly evaluate the potential performance and return on investment of a book of debt, by drawing on our advanced analytics and displaying the results as easy to interpret charts and graphs
  • Calculate a sale or purchase price for a book of debt, based on the likely risk and return.


Access Equifax debt assessment tools online or send us a book of distressed debt to analyse and return.


If we don't yet offer a tool that's right for your business, call our consultants. They'll work with you to define your unique debt selling needs and develop a bespoke solution.

"Equifax has given me a much deeper understanding of our target audience. One that lets me determine the right message, predict the right moment and execute a strategy based on facts, not intuiton".

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