Comply with regulations

Meeting regulations is complex and compulsory. Equifax helps to make the complex simple.


Meeting regulatory requirements can be a significant cost overhead for your business. But maximising the business benefits of regulatory solutions can add real value to your bottom line.


Hardwiring compliance into your systems and decision-making processes is a way to show your commitment to meeting your legal obligations. We offer specialist solutions designed to help you meet specific regulations. Compliance is compulsory - so why not make it simple?

Why choose Equifax?

Equifax's data intelligence can help you know your customers and comply with anti-money laundering legislation, by:

  • Checking whether applicants have previously been sanctioned for money laundering or funding terrorism, by cross-referencing their details against official records
  • Spotting warning signs, based on precedents built up over many years, so you can identify applications that warrant a more thorough investigation.

We can also help you demonstrate your commitment to affordability and responsible lending, by:

  • Confirming whether a customer can afford your products without becoming over-indebted
  • Alerting you when a customer may be at their debt limit
  • Identifying appropriate credit and borrowing limits so your customers don't become over-stretched.

Let us do the diligence and you'll save your business time, money and resources. And not only will you be protected from regulatory fines - your important business decisions will be better supported as well.


Our solutions are built to help you meet Financial Services Authority and Joint Money Laundering Steering Group guidelines. They are fully flexible and can take advantage of information only available to credit reference agencies.

"Admiral chose Equifax due to its high availability and the rapid on-line response of its bespoke insurance offering, allowing us to be competitive in the on-line channels"

Rhodri Charles, UK Pricing Manager for Admiral
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