Prevent fraud

Protect your business by minimising potential risks from impersonation and information misrepresentation.


Identity theft and fraud is more prevalent today than it has ever been, with fraud-related costs for businesses in the UK totalling £2–3 billion every year.


Equifax has the tools to identify, monitor and assess potential fraudulent behaviour and transactions, whether your customers are businesses or consumers.

Why choose Equifax?

We can help you:

  • Spot attempts on your business by known serial fraudsters or fraud rings, by cross-referencing customers' details against official records
  • Gauge the risk of an individual or business behaving fraudulently - for instance, by combining data sources to highlight hidden associations between businesses, their directors and shareholders
  • Access powerful data sources to validate and cross-reference customer-supplied information - removing any reliance you may have on customers filling out applications truthfully.


Access Equifax fraud data via our complete suite of delivery services: online, off-line, system interfaces and simulations.

‘"Four years ago we selected Equifax for the accuracy and depth of their data, imperative to our credit management strategy. This helps us deliver a prompt and efficient service to customers - they are reliable in this respect with a great track record of availability. Almost more importantly, if there is ever a problem or delay - they let us know, their service levels are excellent."

Sean Weston, Venture Finance Plc
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Equifax Financial Stability

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