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Enhance your existing business processes with easy, flexible access to our data solutions.


We're here to help you streamline your decision-making and customer acquisition activities, and that extends to the way we deliver our services. However you do business, you're sure to find an option that slots seamlessly into your existing processes, policies and security needs.

Why choose Equifax?

We can deliver services in a variety of ways.

  • Online - log in to our secure browser-based interface to access data, scorecards, models and other services without needing to modify your existing IT systems. Our easy-to-use web-based services allow you quick and easy access to information about a customer's current financial position.
  • Off-line - when you don't need to make decision in real time, off-line processes can be more effective. Package up data gathered from your prospects, send it securely to us, and let us do the work. We'll return your records analysed, segmented and supplemented to help you do better business.

Integrated - take full control by integrating our data and services with your own IT systems. Secure XML data feeds give you a direct line into our databases and intelligence centres, while your own customer records remain safely in-house


Equifax's delivery services all use a sophisticated single platform, so whichever delivery route you choose, you can be assured that the data provided will be consistent and accurate.

"Admiral chose Equifax due to its high availability and the rapid on-line response of its bespoke insurance offering, allowing us to be competitive in the on-line channels"

Rhodri Charles, UK Pricing Manager for Admiral
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