Equifax Risk Navigator (RN4)

A comprehensive range of predictive data characteristics and powerful scoring capability, RN4 provides the data intelligence to minimise the risk on your acquisition and customer management decisions. With unparalleled access to enriched data intelligence on more than 45 million consumers, RN4 sets the standard in consumer information systems.

Key Features

  • Improve your predictive power with our innovative market specific scores
  • Maximise the profitability of your customer portfolio
  • Expanded data intelligence and advanced indebtedness scores


Improve the accuracy of your predictions with market- specific scores

Building on the success of our previous Risk Navigator scores, our customer-focused team of expert analysts has developed a suite of market-specific scoring solutions including Telecoms, Home Shopping, Revolving, Fixed Terms, Mortgage, and Current Accounts.

Each new score gives you a significant performance advantage, with a predictive power uplift of up to 22% over previous Risk Navigator scores. And the earlier the correct decision for an individual is made the more financial benefits are available.
Selecting the right solution for you can help improve business efficiency, and generate further financial benefits through additional profits, increased cash flow performance, reduced bad debt and lower operational expense.

Maximise the profitability of your customer portfolio

Economic circumstances are rapidly changing, and consumers face a turbulent future. As your customers’ financial stability shifts, you need to determine the most profitable actions to take.

You need to be pro-active, reduce risk and stay in control.


Expanded data intelligence and advanced indebtedness score

RN4 now offers you a wider range of data sources, including new account types and products, new providers, current account data, historical indebtedness, balance & limit data, increased level of thin file individuals, maturity of mobile telephony market and new Insight providers.

This means that the UK coverage of Insight, factored into our scorecard development, has never been greater.

We also offer an Advanced Indebtedness Score to reveal a customer’s current debt risk. And the system draws upon a wider range of data sources than ever, available through four different application options to suit every kind of business.

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