Equifax has a long history of working with the UK’s leading retailers. With wide-ranging demographic and buyer behaviour data, we can help you cross-sell to your existing customers, find and target more like them, and board new customers with confidence.

Find new customers

Thanks to our years of data collection, Equifax is perfectly placed to help you find the best prospective customers for your business and choose how best to market to them.

  • Analyse your prospect data and prioritise those individuals most likely to buy.
  • Discover who to target, when and how to communicate for the best return on your marketing spend.
  • Make the most of your customer data by eliminating errors and filling in gaps.


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Acquire new customers

Make your application process faster and simpler for new customers. Improve your business’s protection from fraud and bad debt. With Equifax, the two go hand in hand.

  • Assess new customers’ current and likely future financial stability, to help you gauge their suitability for in-store or online credit.
  • Show your commitment to meeting legal requirements like Know Your Customer and Treating Customers Fairly by hardwiring compliance into your acquisition process.


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Manage customers

Your customers are your greatest asset. Understanding them as individuals and as a group, as customers and as people, is the key to maximising their value.

  • Identify opportunities for cross-selling, to reduce churn and maximise each customer’s value to your business.
  • Understand how different customers are likely to act and react to different messages and events, based on their and other consumers’ past behaviour.
  • Monitor individuals for credit limit changes, CCJs and other changes that affect their value as customers.


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Collect and recover

Whether you’re collecting debt or selling it on, Equifax can help you evaluate what you’re owed and how best to go about recovering it. 

  • Gauge whether debtors can’t pay or won’t pay, so you can determine the best collection strategy.
  • Identify forwarding addresses and other contact details for lost and elusive debtors.
  • Calculate an accurate purchase price for a book of debt. 


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