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Grow household accounts and optimize customer relationships

Insight for Targeted Marketing

Make the right offers, at the right time, to the right prospects. Tight budgets mean every dollar counts—especially marketing dollars. Work smarter and more efficiently to lift your marketing performance in essential areas including targeting, origination and lifecycle management.

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Deepen customer relationships

The simple way to improve your business process

Now your financial institution has a simple, affordable way to improve your business processes with a real-time prescreen solution for pre-approved credit offers.

When combined with a robust DDA segmentation solution, Prescreen of One provides a complete picture of a consumer's financial capacity that helps expand services beyond the deposit account.

  • No dual entry/keying of consumer information into multiple systems
  • Affordable, pre-packaged delivery options or complex multi-tiered strategies
  • Cross-sell routines by the cross-sell expert


The solution works by integrating market-leading credit and ability-to-pay insight within the existing interface used by retail banking sales associates. Overdraft protection, credit card, auto financing and HELOC offers are delivered to the same screen as the deposit account decision—seamlessly streamlining offers at the new accounts deck, call center or online.

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Identify customers who are also small business owners

Up to 21 percent of your consumer customers are also potential small business owners. If you could recognize these accounts, you would have a solid foot in the door to their commercial business — and a smart plan for securely tapping into the elusive yet profitable small business sector.


Find opportunity inside your customer base

EFX LinkTM connects Equifax data from our small business databases and consumer files to give you an expanded, 360-degree view of consumers who are also business owners. This increased visibility helps you better estimate their need for your small business products, make on-target offers, generate stronger response rates and optimize the full relationship potential.


How it works

Designed to strengthen your marketing reach by giving fresh, unique insight into your customer base, EFX Link works by securely linking all data using randomly issued "keys" instead of personal identifiers such as Social Security numbers and tax ID numbers.

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Increase online banking usage and engagement

Grow fee income, improve customer loyalty and enhance your competitive advantage

Equifax Scores in Online Banking allows customers to access and review their Equifax Risk Score® directly from your online banking portal. Your customers will appreciate quick access to meaningful financial information about themselves, and your financial institution will acquire a new source of fee income, making it a win-win for everyone.


Key benefits

  • Distinguish your financial institution with client-focused online banking tools
  • Boost revenue with new fee-based service
  • Promote and support financial literacy
  • Expand online banking usage
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Make better, more relevant offers

Credit reports provide essential financial insight. But to implement a strategy that helps you identify and compete for the best customers, you need deeper information that reveals what's happening with consumers over time. Your ability to understand their risk potential, their spend and payment patterns, how much or little they use credit and their likelihood of opening new accounts can shape your future strategies and fortify your decisions.

Equifax DimensionsTM delivers this kind of comprehensive insight in the form of a deep, extended view of consumer credit behavior that helps you make more relevant offers across the entire customer lifecycle.


Proven lift

Equifax Dimensions provides actionable insights by leveraging 24 months of a consumer's past balance, payment and credit utilization histories. Our retail banking customers have seen:

  • 18% incremental lift when identifying consumers more likely to respond to an offer
  • 8% incremental lift when predicting balance transfer propensity
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Differentiate and target profitable household accounts

Now more than ever, retail banks need to invest in ways to attract assets, build strong customer relationships and keep tabs on the market during volatile times.

Equifax marketing solutions enable banks to differentiate and target consumer households and neighborhoods based on proprietary measures of wealth, income, spending, credit, share-of-wallet and share-of-market. With a foundation of about $12 trillion in measured, anonymous consumer assets, our solutions can arm banks with the tools they need to impact their bottom line:

  • Gain share of wallet by identifying and targeting likely high potential customers
  • Effectively cross-sell deposit and equity products and services based on a better understand of clients' investment  preferences
  • Inform omni-channel marketing by incorporating household wealth insights into online advertising, website analysis, mobile, direct mail, kiosk, ATM, call center, and point-of-contact programs
  • Enhance branch planning and assess market potential
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