Equifax Risk Based Authentication

A risk-based authentication process can unobtrusively verify the identity of the account holder to guard against fraud without interjecting additional steps.

Fighting Fraud On The Small Screen

Comprehensive Fraud Mitigation Solutions Support Consumer-friendly Mobile Device Account Origination

Five Tips to Detect and Deter Fraud During Customer Acquisition

Finding a workable solution to stopping potential fraud requires balancing the competing priorities of optimizing the customer experience, minimizing operating expense, meeting regulatory requirements and mitigating loss.

Identity Proofing for Healthcare Portals

Requiring both patients and providers to verify their identities before allowing access to online information helps securing patient PHI.

Improving Patient Identity Management

The security and privacy of patient health information is a top priority for the healthcare industry.

Improving Patient Record Matching

Accurate and complete patient personal and health information is required for improved patient safety, more effective patient engagement, and reduced healthcare costs.

Leverage Big Data for Fraud Mitigation

To Help you cut through the hype, here are 10 takeaways on how Credit Unions can leverage Big Data for fraud mitigation

The New Reality of Synthetic ID Fraud

Synthetic ID fraud is becoming the go to tactic for highly organized fraudsters. How can organizations identify this fraud and mitigate the risk more effectively.

The Resurgence of New Account Fraud

Effective Fraud Mitigation Solutions to Help Combat the Next Generation of New-Account Fraud

Top 10 Takeaways on Leveraging Big Data for Fraud Mitigation

Getting a “Big Data” view of anything is just a means to an end. For fraud fighters, a major goal is reducing fraud losses.

Trust But Verify

Data-driven research that illustrates the significance of applicant verification on auto loans and provides greater understanding of borrower behavior and auto loan performance.