ACA 1095 Toolkit for Employers

Get our toolkit of valuable resources to help educate employees on ACA Form 1095, including a communication plan, email templates, a poster, FAQs, and more.

ACA Subsidy Toolkit for Employers

Get the Equifax ACA Subsidy Toolkit for Employers for access to valuable resources to help you manage subsidy appeals, including: - An ACA subsidy FAQ document for employees, - A sample employee education poster, - A best practice guide for benefits and HR staff, and - An ACA subsidy process road map.

Data-driven Marketing from Equifax - Overview

Optimize customer experience across the customer lifecycle! With superior data, technology & analytical expertise, we help marketers acquire more of the right customers, deepen consumer engagement & loyalty and improve marketing ROI.
-LINK: Create a single actionable view of consumers
-REVEAL: Leverage insights to win & grow customers
-ENGAGE: Engage consumers with the right messages in their preferred channels
-MEASURE: Optimize marketing ROI through continuous improvement

Form 1095 Email Templates

Examples of emails that can be sent to employees during specific months to educate them about the 1095.

Form 1095 FAQs

Frequently asked questions and answers that can be shared with employees about the 1095.

Form 1095 Insert

An educational insert that can be mailed with the 1095 to each employee.

Form 1095 Poster

A poster that can be used in high traffic areas to educate employees about the 1095.