Monitor For Updates

Staying up-to-date with data pertaining to an investigation is essential to a successful outcome.

But repeatedly performing manual searches in the hope that some new data might be available is an inefficient, ineffective and expensive process.

Our monitoring services can help you free up resources for other investigations, safe in the knowledge that you will be alerted rapidly to any new information on the individuals that you are investigating.

Why choose Equifax?

We receive and process millions of new and updated records every day. As the result we can help you by:


  • Testing every new record, and every update to our existing records, for new or amended information regarding the individuals you are investigating – for example, a change of address, or in their financial status
  • Automatically alerting you to any new activity by those individuals.

This will enable you to better prioritise your time and resources, and respond in a more timely and informed way when new information comes to light.


Access our monitoring services via an online, screen-based service; by sending us records via a secure link for processing and return; or by integrating the service directly into your own systems via a secure data exchange.

"We've worked with Equifax for many years now and we have been consistently happy with their Debtor Management products and the level of innovation therein."

Rohit Thakur, BCW Group Plc
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Equifax Financial Stability

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