Manage collections

Recover what you're owed so you can maximise the budget available to spend on the provision of public services.  

Unpaid tax, overpaid benefits and outstanding payments to various agencies can add up to a significant amount of outstanding debt – which can make all the difference to your spending plans. For example, in 2009–10 alone, Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs wrote off as much as £10.9 billion in tax.

Implemented individually or combined into a more comprehensive solution, our wide range of services can help you close the gap between budgeted and actual income from your debtors.

Why choose Equifax?

We can help you:

  • Trace a debtor to their current address, even if you don't have their full details
  • Determine whether an individual is able to repay their outstanding debt, by providing comprehensive information about their financial position and overall level of indebtedness
  • Separate the can't-pays from the won't-pays using predictive collections and recovery scores
  • Segment your debtor records and set appropriate priorities and strategies, so you can collect outstanding debt in the most cost-effective and efficient way
  • Identify changes in a debtor's personal circumstances that affect their ability to pay.


Access our debt collection management services via an online, screen-based service; by sending us records via a secure link to be processed and returned; or by integrating the service directly into your own systems via a secure data exchange.

"We've worked with Equifax for many years now and we have been consistently happy with their Debtor Management products and the level of innovation therein."

Rohit Thakur, BCW Group Plc
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