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  • A Fast path to new customer growth: The customer, not the account. Equifax and FICO knock down barriers to true customer management - Summer 2011

    This paper describes a combination of two technologies that can set UK financial services providers on the fastest possible path to the benefits of customer-level management.

    One is in the form of a new service that gives organisations a large step forward in quickly attaining a single customer view drawn from data across accounts. The other is an established customer management technology that can immediately help organisations analyse, strategise and capitalise on that single customer view.

    EFX FICO Whitepaper
  • Harnessing the power of credit reference data for effective collections and recoveries - Winter 2011

    This White Paper outlines how credit data enables Collections professionals to segment can't pays and won't pays so work can be focused on the cases that are going to pay, rather than waste time chasing people who have absolutely no intention to pay.

    This data, along with supporting analytics, can then be used by collections professionals to understand the profile of the customers that owe money, allowing them to take appropriate action.

    The report uses examples to highlight the scope & intelligence that can be gleaned through the use of Credit Reference data offering the latest segmentation and scoring tools to create specific collections strategies.

    Collections Whitepaper